Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX 2018 PC Cracked Game Free Download | NewPCGame

Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX 2018 PC Cracked Game Free Download | NewPCGame


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Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX Cracked Description:

Attack of the Earthlings combines turn-based combat and stealth in a darkish comedic single player campaign, the place you the player, take control of the native alien race to defend your domestic world from the invading humans. Galactoil, a comically dysfunctional energy corporation, are hell-bent on harvesting the known universe for energy and will drill something in its incessant quest to line its pockets with profit. However, their brand new foray into power exploration on Planet X13, has positionedthem into a bit of a pickle. The Swarmers, the native insectoid species, have another concept – to devour all the workers! You take manage of the Swarmers, a extraordinarily aggressive insectoid species, who have toconvert human flesh into alien muscle, improve their units and even findthe time to gatecrash a birthday party. To put a end to the invasion, the Swarmers need to layout attacks carefully. Take manipulate of unsuspecting workers, set traps, emerge from vents and hiding spots to take your human prey by using surprise, and assault in corporations to kill more than oneenemies at once. The more earthlings killed, the extra corpses can be bump off and transformed into new units with specialised roles and uniqueabilities. The flesh of their very own employees is the key ingredient to developing a successful alien insurgency towards Galactoil. Please more download Free Cracked Games visit this site if you like this site thanks share this site with friends.

Genres: Strategy

How to Install:

  • Press the Button of Download and when Download Complete. (Download .ISO)

  • Open the .ISO file and Run “Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX” setup.

  • After double click on on “Setup” and quickly install setup it.

  • After set up complete, go to the folder the place you install the game.

  • Copy the cracked content from the CODEX folder and into the main install folder and overwrite.

  • Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as secure/trusted in your antivirus program.

  • Apear desktop, double click on on “Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX” icon to play the game.

  • Enjoy the game and share this site with friends!

Minimum System Requirements:-

OS: Windows 7 / 10
Processor: Dual-core 2.3 Ghz (i3 or better)
Graphics: GTX 560 Ti (1GB) / Radeon HD 6970 (2GB)

DirectX: Version..?

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Attack of the Earthlings-CODEX 2018 PC Cracked Game Free Download | NewPCGame

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